Be a beacon of innovative, effective and competitive engineering solutions.


Provide “state of the art” optimized solutions to our client’s needs, enhancing environmental awareness.


The company :
Protect the client’s interests.
Respect our Employees irrespective of race, religion and gender.
The employees :
Make every employee feel as a key member of JEPA’s society.

Who we are

35 years ago, in 1981, John Papagrigorakis founded JEPA. (Founding member of ASHRAE – Hellenic Chapter). Being a pioneer in engineering and energy consulting, JEPA soon became one of the leaders in the Greek market undertaking projects from the private as well as the public sector.

Nowadays our field of expertise in engineering and energy consulting applies to a wide range of projects from residential buildings to hospitals, Data centres, Hotels and energy services.

Being an international firm, member of Sibraxis Group, with subsidiaries around the world we pride ourselves for providing consulting services and engineering designs to large and complex projects worldwide. (in more than 20 countries)

The new generation of JEPA engineers, along with our experienced executives have proven that can resolve and propose solutions to the most demanding engineering challenges.

We are co-operating with major architects and construction companies in Greece, Europe and UAE in consulting, designing, supervision, commissioning and project management services.