Engineers’ and Public Contractors’ pension fund (TSMEDE) office building, Athens

Civic, Cultural – Educational
About This Project

LOCATION: Athens, Greece

CLIENT: Engineers’ and Public Contractors’ pension fund (TSMEDE)

DESIGN PHASE: Detailed Design



SHORT DESCRIPTION:Construction of the new office building of the Engineers’ & Public Contractors’ Pension Fund (TSMEDE) in Athens. The surface area of the building is 7,200m2 and it comprises of a basement (where main electrical – mechanical installations are situated), a ground floor, a mezzanine and seven floors of “open plan” office spaces with movable partitions up to the fifth floor, the central management occupying the sixth and seventh floor, a twin-floor multi purpose hall occupying the fifth and sixth floor and a twin-floor canteen occupying the second and third floor. The building integrates state-of-the-art energy saving technologies, the energy needs of the building are partially covered by solar power panels installed on the building’s terrace. It also incorporates “smart” lighting and E/M installation management systems (instabus and bms).